What to Wear at the Pumpkin Patch

Happy Fall, Y’all! October is my favorite month of the year. I love watching how summer gracefully melts into fall, and everything shifts from green to gold. I love the anticipation of the upcoming holiday season. I love all things pumpkin, haunted and Halloween… and October just happens to have all of those things. While planning my trip to the pumpkin patch this year, I started looking for some wardrobe inspiration and thought it would be fun to share some of what I found with you!

Of course neutral and fall colors are a given for any fall outing, but don’t be afraid to play around with different patterns and textures as they can add another layer of depth and interest to your pumpkin patch pictures. Polka dots, plaids and stripes can make your photos really pop and stand out as long as they don’t clash too much with the surroundings. Textures such as lace, chunky knits, and soft velvets can add quite a lot as well!

Obviously climate will play a big factor in choosing the appropriate pieces, which is why layering is always a great option. Boots, hats and scarves can give off the impression that you are basking in fall weather, even if it feels more like a summer day, and a sweater would be a bit too much.

I would love to hear what you decided to wear to the pumpkin patch this year! Let me know in the comments!

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Something Delightful

Dare to Flare

Oh denim, how we love thee..

Whether you are squeezing us tightly as we struggle to zip your teeth, bouncing up and down ever so gracefully (as if that helps), or fresh off our boyfriend’s butt (but really fresh off the department store rack labeled “boyfriend’s jeans”), bagging around our ankles in such an unbecoming way that we must roll you, (or better yet, cut off your bottoms entirely), you make us happy. We can dress you up, or dress you down; wear you to clean out the garage, or to clean out P.H. Chang’s on a fun date night. No matter what, you have our backs… or is that butts? Whatever it may be, I would dare to say that denim never shines so fair as when it dares to flare. Sure, looking like you have been poured into a denim mold from your ankles to your waist is sexy in its own right, but there’s something about looking 5 inches taller, and like you might not even be wearing shoes because your pants completely cover your feet, that just makes you wanna say… “Dayummnnnn!”

According to fashionheritage.eu, it was Navy sailors who first dared to flare back in the 19th century. The practical bell-shaped pant legs made it easier for sailors to roll them up as needed. They didn’t hit mainstream fashion, however, until the late 1960’s (thank you, Sonny and Cher). After a short reprieve for the 80’s to kick out some killer mom jeans, flares made a comeback in the 90’s, but this time under the alias of “boot cut“. We are once again being graced with this far out trend, spotted everywhere from downtown streets, to high fashion runways.

Now for the real question… will you dare to flare this season? Here are some striking ideas to inspire your own Fall/Winter looks.

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Viva Las Vegas – Retro Neon Color Palette

Located about 6 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, these outdated neon signs may not have a place on the streets of the City of Lights anymore, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still have plenty to offer in the form of color inspiration.

As an iconic treasure house of history and art, The Neon Museum contains more than 200 unrestored signs that have each played a role in shaping the story of Las Vegas. Here they have taken on a new life together as an art collection unlike any other.

Take a look for yourself, these gorgeous color palettes will be sure to get your creative juices flowing and inspire your next design project.








Hither & Thither

Bibelot & Token

The Neon Museum 

April Color Inspiration: Sea Foam Green


As a cool, pastel mix of green and blue, Seafoam is the quintessential spring color. It is very similar to (and sometimes referred interchangeably with) mint green, however, when inspected closely seafoam leans ever so slightly more towards true green than does mint. This very small shift in color balance actually makes a substantial difference in the feelings evoked from these very similar colors. Seafoam green is strongly associated with nature, and evokes a sense of youth, the freshness of the ocean, and the vibrancy of living things. Ironically, this subdued hue also inspires a sense of calm and tranquility, and due to its popularity in the 1950’s interior decor, it is a great color to use for inspiring a retro-vintage aesthetic. (Canva)

Graphic Design #typographyGreen tileGreen LemonadeSeafoam Green Building #greenaesthetic #seafoam #pastelgreenvintage car #seafoam #greenaesthetic #pastelgreen #retrocarretro green 60's outfitSea foam green bedroom #interiordesign #moderndecor #greenaestheticVintage Green Carcassette tapegreen chess boardgreen eggs #greenaesthetic #seafoamgreenpastel green hair colorgreen plantretro green nikes #hightops #retrostyle #nike #greenaestheticsea foam green letterboard #letterboard #greenaesthetic #seafoamgreen #plantsnotpantsGreen Subway interiorSea turtle#greenaesthetic


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Style Me Pretty


Live a vintage colorful life


Love Knotted


We heart it



One Vanilla Bean


We Heart It


More Sneakers

Vibe Alchemist




New York City Informer


Love knotted

Static Swimwear

The Dainty Dolls House

BAUHAUS Centenary

Bauhaus color block

I couldn’t let the 100th Anniversary of BAUHAUS go by without at least dropping a short blog post about the single most influential movement in modern design (imho). I will never forget sitting in my college art history class and seeing the Bauhaus School of Design pop up on the overhead projector, after studying the romantics, realists, and impressionists of the 19th century. Like everyone, I had seen the iconic color blocks of red, blue, and yellow plenty of times before, and had heard the name mentioned in other art classes, but I had never before made the association of this modernist movement to the influence it has had on contemporary design. I was love struck as we delved even further into the history and revolutionary concepts that went into the founding of this remarkable school. It certainly didn’t hurt that I was surrounded by architectural buildings in the town that I lived in, which were designed by German Architects in the 1930’s and 40’s who in turn were heavily influenced by the modern Bauhaus style. Seeing the evidence first hand, I was able to draw the connections between the social-emotional ideas behind the movement and the impact it was still having on our modern everyday life.

Art and design prior to the 20th century was far more flamboyant and extravagant than what we see in the Bauhaus-Modernist movement, which focuses on breaking things down to their simplest forms, and “bridges the gap between art and industry, design and functionality”(Bauhaus); the crux of good design today.

This movement was born on the heels of the industrial revolution, as a “revolution [itself] against materialism”(Andrews), not at all unlike what we are seeing with the minimalist movement today with the idea that less is more. Modern design is one of those things that you either love or hate, but whether you’re a fan or not, no one can deny the massive impact it has had on architecture and design over the past century.


Bauhaus 1919 logo

BauhausBurger King Bauhaus centenaryBauhaus PosterBauhaus color-block chairStaatliches Bauhaus SchoolBauhaus original pattern designPiet color block dressColor block typography poster


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March Color Inspiration: Electric Blue

Electric Blue Neon Sign #neon #electricblue #colorofthemonth #blue #colorinspiration #designinspiration #lovestruckdesignhouse

Blue. It’s the color of the ocean, the sky, and our blood carrying veins. The color blue in many ways represents life itself, or at least the things that support life on this planet. Yet blue can also be used to describe sadness, fragility, and death. As I was putting together this color study composition I came to realize how much more there is to this shade of blue than I had previously thought. I found it interesting just how prominent this color is in so many different settings, yet it can go almost unnoticed when compared to a different color of the same vibrancy, like say, hot pink or neon green. It is also fascinating how often this color can be found in nature. From bluebells to frogs to butterflies, it is amazing to see electric blue popping up where you wouldn’t necessarily expect it. But I think what I love most about electric blue is that while it is such a vibrant and lively color, there is this subtle mystique and eeriness to it that makes it rather enchanting.

According to a study done by YouGov, blue is the most universally favored color. It is often associated with creativity and calmness, and gives off a sense of innovation, trust, and loyalty, which is probably why so many companies have used this color for creating their brand identities (Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, HP, and AT&T just to name a few). Artitude Design states that “Unlike red, it slows the pulse rate, reduces appetite, and is overall a calming color. It adds a sense of strength, but is a relaxing color. In fact, Pantone recently released “Natural Optimism”, a color that is designed to make people feel good just by looking at it!” How awesome is that? If you want people feel good about your brand or design, why not start with a color that is designed to do just that?

How does Electric Blue make you feel? Take a look at the following images to find out!


Electric Blue Controller #electricblue #colorofthemonth #blue #colorinspiration #designinspiration #lovestruckdesignhouseElectric Blue abstract pattern #electricblue #colorofthemonth #blue #colorinspiration #designinspiration #lovestruckdesignhouseElectric Blue Frog #electricblue #colorofthemonth #blue #colorinspiration #designinspiration #lovestruckdesignhouseElectric Blue Music Hall #electricblue #colorofthemonth #blue #colorinspiration #designinspiration #lovestruckdesignhouseBlue Butterfly #electricblue #colorofthemonth #blue #colorinspiration #designinspiration #lovestruckdesignhouseBlue aesthetic #electricblue #colorofthemonth #blue #colorinspiration #designinspiration #lovestruckdesignhouseCouture blue dress #electricblue #colorofthemonth #blue #colorinspiration #designinspiration #lovestruckdesignhouseBlue Gradient #electricblue #colorofthemonth #blue #colorinspiration #designinspiration #lovestruckdesignhouseElectric Blue car gif #electricblue #colorofthemonth #blue #colorinspiration #designinspiration #lovestruckdesignhouseGQ Electric Blue #electricblue #colorofthemonth #blue #colorinspiration #designinspiration #lovestruckdesignhouseRetro Electric Blue #electricblue #colorofthemonth #blue #colorinspiration #designinspiration #lovestruckdesignhouseGreat blue hole Belize #electricblue #colorofthemonth #blue #colorinspiration #designinspiration #lovestruckdesignhouseElectric blue Air JordanBlue CrayfishElectric Blue #colorinspiration #electricblue #blue #colortheory #colorpsycology #lovestruckdesignhouse #designinspiration


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Sapien Labs


Geckoes Lodge




Cyberpunk Milkshake


Red My Lips

Business Insider

Sneaker Whorez

Aquarium Filter Setup


City Light Fantastic

So, I have this slight obsession with bold typography juxtaposed among city skyscrapers and glimmering light. Here are some of my favorite posters from the City Lights project I’ve been working on.




city view at sunset - trip a little light fantastic #moviequote #songlyrics #lightfantastic #typography #sunset #graphicdesign #lovetruckdesignhouse

city view of central park - jungle text #typography #graphicdesign #cityscape #urbanjungle #jungle


It’s a Monochromatic Gray Area

February has its share of gray days. The melting, sludgy snow, frost covered ground, and leafless forests of waning winter are some of the things that inspired this color of the month choice. To see an entire room or outfit in different shades of the same color is unexpected, and causes a unique visual sensation on the mind’s eye. Monochromatic gray can feel somewhat cold and rigid, yet I find something oddly soothing in its consistency.

In design and marketing, often the less color you use the more powerful your statement can be. This is certainly true here, where ANY color you use with a monochrome gray backdrop is sure to stand out and make a bold impact (**See the last image in this ensemble for an example).

Whether you are branching out with you personal style, or working on your next artistic masterpiece, experimenting with various shades of gray (refraining from making a 50 Shades reference here) can be a lot of fun. I think the idea of monochrome can be somewhat intimidating at first, but its simplicity and minimal purity can be visually stimulating in a way that using multiple colors cannot be. Sometimes less really is more.


monochrome gray still life

Monochromatic Kitchen #interiordesign #modern #minimalismMonochromatic Outfit #fashion #monochromestyle #grayLamp

Monochrome gray interior design #interiordesign #charcoal #gray #modern #minimalmodern artblack and white pineappleCat wearing sunglassescharcoalmodern black and white interior design luxury hotel #interiordesign #modern #blackandwhite #photography #cleanlines #minimalismSaatchi Artmonochrome gray shoevector image of trees and mountainsCharcoal Ice Cream #charcoal #activatedcharcoal #icecream #minimal #foodinspirationGray room with pop of color #interiordesign #colorpop


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Dynamic Media

Design Limited Edition

Saatchi Art



Scoop Whoop

DIY Network

The Beauty Behind Birthdays


As my last little’s birthday is quickly approaching, I find myself thinking about all the birthdays and birthday parties I’ve put on and holy crap I almost fell asleep thinking about how exhausting it is! Why do we as moms feel the need to go all out for certain birthdays that no one (not even ourselves) will remember?! Thank goodness for that one mom who’s super camera happy and snaps everything from pictures of my decorations and even the destruction that is the aftermath of the actual party. Otherwise I’d have no recollection of who was there, what happened or how truly happy my child was covered in icing and gift wrap.

So again, why do we do it?!

I don’t know about you but I do it for those little moments of random smiles, silly giggles and huge hugs from your kids that really do appreciate all that you’ve done just for them. Will they remember it the next day? Maybe. Will they remember it next week? Probably not. (Can’t really blame them, I have a hard time remembering what I had for lunch just a few hours ago!)
But we throw these parties and we give so much of ourselves and after all is said and done we WILL do it again. We will do it for whatever reason we want to in that moment and for all the other moments when our kids are in total bliss!

Moms do things most people wouldn’t dream of doing! We make the cakes, we hang up the streamers and we throw one heck of a Moana party! (This may or may not be our theme this year). We question if there will be enough food, enough activities for the kids, what if no one shows up… etc. We put all of our blood sweat and tears (literally tears) into it and then we see just how happy our kids are and it makes it all worth it because when it comes to our kids, NOTHING is out of the question.

Now excuse me while I go back to icing these cupcakes and licking my fingers in the process 😉

Kid's Birthday Party #kidsparty #partyplanning #momlife #unicornKid's Birthday Party #kidsparty #partyplanning #momlife #unicornKid's Birthday Party #kidsparty #partyplanning #momlife #unicornKid's Birthday Party #kidsparty #partyplanning #momlife #unicornKid's Birthday Party #kidsparty #partyplanning #momlife #unicorn


Written by Lindsay Diamond

Photos by Aubri Rhoads