Dare to Flare

Oh denim, how we love thee..

Whether you are squeezing us tightly as we struggle to zip your teeth, bouncing up and down ever so gracefully (as if that helps), or fresh off our boyfriend’s butt (but really fresh off the department store rack labeled “boyfriend’s jeans”), bagging around our ankles in such an unbecoming way that we must roll you, (or better yet, cut off your bottoms entirely), you make us happy. We can dress you up, or dress you down; wear you to clean out the garage, or to clean out P.H. Chang’s on a fun date night. No matter what, you have our backs… or is that butts? Whatever it may be, I would dare to say that denim never shines so fair as when it dares to flare. Sure, looking like you have been poured into a denim mold from your ankles to your waist is sexy in its own right, but there’s something about looking 5 inches taller, and like you might not even be wearing shoes because your pants completely cover your feet, that just makes you wanna say… “Dayummnnnn!”

According to fashionheritage.eu, it was Navy sailors who first dared to flare back in the 19th century. The practical bell-shaped pant legs made it easier for sailors to roll them up as needed. They didn’t hit mainstream fashion, however, until the late 1960’s (thank you, Sonny and Cher). After a short reprieve for the 80’s to kick out some killer mom jeans, flares made a comeback in the 90’s, but this time under the alias of “boot cut“. We are once again being graced with this far out trend, spotted everywhere from downtown streets, to high fashion runways.

Now for the real question… will you dare to flare this season? Here are some striking ideas to inspire your own Fall/Winter looks.

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