It’s a Monochromatic Gray Area

February has its share of gray days. The melting, sludgy snow, frost covered ground, and leafless forests of waning winter are some of the things that inspired this color of the month choice. To see an entire room or outfit in different shades of the same color is unexpected, and causes a unique visual sensation on the mind’s eye. Monochromatic gray can feel somewhat cold and rigid, yet I find something oddly soothing in its consistency.

In design and marketing, often the less color you use the more powerful your statement can be. This is certainly true here, where ANY color you use with a monochrome gray backdrop is sure to stand out and make a bold impact (**See the last image in this ensemble for an example).

Whether you are branching out with you personal style, or working on your next artistic masterpiece, experimenting with various shades of gray (refraining from making a 50 Shades reference here) can be a lot of fun. I think the idea of monochrome can be somewhat intimidating at first, but its simplicity and minimal purity can be visually stimulating in a way that using multiple colors cannot be. Sometimes less really is more.


monochrome gray still life

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