The Beauty Behind Birthdays


As my last little’s birthday is quickly approaching, I find myself thinking about all the birthdays and birthday parties I’ve put on and holy crap I almost fell asleep thinking about how exhausting it is! Why do we as moms feel the need to go all out for certain birthdays that no one (not even ourselves) will remember?! Thank goodness for that one mom who’s super camera happy and snaps everything from pictures of my decorations and even the destruction that is the aftermath of the actual party. Otherwise I’d have no recollection of who was there, what happened or how truly happy my child was covered in icing and gift wrap.

So again, why do we do it?!

I don’t know about you but I do it for those little moments of random smiles, silly giggles and huge hugs from your kids that really do appreciate all that you’ve done just for them. Will they remember it the next day? Maybe. Will they remember it next week? Probably not. (Can’t really blame them, I have a hard time remembering what I had for lunch just a few hours ago!)
But we throw these parties and we give so much of ourselves and after all is said and done we WILL do it again. We will do it for whatever reason we want to in that moment and for all the other moments when our kids are in total bliss!

Moms do things most people wouldn’t dream of doing! We make the cakes, we hang up the streamers and we throw one heck of a Moana party! (This may or may not be our theme this year). We question if there will be enough food, enough activities for the kids, what if no one shows up… etc. We put all of our blood sweat and tears (literally tears) into it and then we see just how happy our kids are and it makes it all worth it because when it comes to our kids, NOTHING is out of the question.

Now excuse me while I go back to icing these cupcakes and licking my fingers in the process 😉

Kid's Birthday Party #kidsparty #partyplanning #momlife #unicornKid's Birthday Party #kidsparty #partyplanning #momlife #unicornKid's Birthday Party #kidsparty #partyplanning #momlife #unicornKid's Birthday Party #kidsparty #partyplanning #momlife #unicornKid's Birthday Party #kidsparty #partyplanning #momlife #unicorn


Written by Lindsay Diamond

Photos by Aubri Rhoads

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