JORD Wooden Watch – Luxury, Versatility and Style

Processed With Darkroom

I have been searching for the perfect watch for the longest time. Something elegant and high quality, yet unique enough to fit with my sense of style, and sturdy enough for my demanding life. That’s why I jumped at the chance to partner with JORD Watches! I had been drooling over their stunning time pieces since I first heard about them a few months ago. I placed my order and was very pleasantly surprised with how quickly it was shipped out! They even sent me an email with the tracking number to let me know when it would arrive!


And there it was, waiting for me as I approached my front door. A little black box with one happy word that made my heart leap in my chest a little as I read it. J O R D. I was beyond excited as I quickly grabbed it off the stoop and brought it in to begin the great unveiling! As a graphic designer, my natural inclination is to immediately take note of the packaging details. I was expecting a fine product, but I have to say I was somewhat blown away by the care and consideration that was put into the presentation of this brand. I chose the Frankie Series: Koa & Ash, and couldn’t be happier with my choice. You can tell it’s a luxury item before you even take it out of the finely carved wooden box it comes in. The watch itself is luxuriously lightweight and opulent, yet visually substantial and hearty, wrapped around a plush, canvas pillow. I was impressed by everything from the color of the stunning wood grain, to the design details of the clasp and connected links. I have been wearing it non-stop since it arrived and am in love with how comfortable and versatile it is!


And now I will get to the best part about this collaboration, YOU! You now have the chance to win a $100.00 gift card towards a JORD watch of your very own! Just head on over to to enter AND guess what, you will receive a 10% off code just for entering! Even if you already have one of your own, I bet you have more than a few people in your life who would LOVE to receive the gift of a timeless JORD timepiece! The holidays are just around the corner, and this contest will end on November 4th, so now is the perfect time! 

Happy entering and good luck! xoxo

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