Ruffles & Chambray For the Win

Zuna Apparel Chambray Dress #zunaapparel #ruffles #wrapdress #spring2018

Zuna Apparel Chambray Dress #zunaapparel #ruffles #wrapdress #spring2018Zuna Apparel Chambray Dress #zunaapparel #ruffles #wrapdress #spring2018Zuna Apparel Chambray Dress #zunaapparel #ruffles #wrapdress #spring2018Zuna Apparel Chambray Dress #zunaapparel #ruffles #wrapdress #spring2018Zuna Apparel Chambray Dress #zunaapparel #ruffles #wrapdress #spring2018

Happy Super Bowl weekend!! I know all the football fans out there are getting pumped for the big game on Sunday. I’ve gotta say, I was pretty pumped to get this gorgeous, Cheyann Chambray Ruffled Dress  from Zuna Apparel the other day! I am totally in LOVE with the fit and versatility of this dress! The fun, flirty ruffles are perfectly on trend for this Spring, and since I am crazy into layering dresses right now, I paired it with a micro floral blouse and high top ankle boots to show just how versatile this dress can be. I am extremely impressed with the quality as well. The straps are adjustable so you can even tailor the fit if you’re shorter like me. The wrap style is so flattering, and I really love the genius snap closure on the front, exactly where I would have put a safety pin on wrap dresses I’ve worn before. I know I will be getting a ton of wear out of this dress, because it’s super comfortable and perfect for so many different occasions!

I’m such a sucker for names, you guys. I always want to know the meaning behind them; people’s names, company names, pet names, you name it (insert knee slap here). Maybe that’s why I find the name ZUNA so appealing, because it means abundance and is defined as “an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply”. The Abundance Blog, which is part of the Zuna brand, is full of inspiration and encouragement for living an abundant life, and it is totally worth checking out if you haven’t already, because who doesn’t need more encouragement in their life?? I know I do!

I really hope your team wins tomorrow, but even if it doesn’t, YOU are still a winner because I am teaming up with Zuna Apparel to offer you a 15% discount on the purchase of ANY Zuna Apparel item! Just use the code —>>> aubriofsorts15 at checkout to get the discount! This way if you are bored in between super bowl commercials (because let’s face it, that’s really the only reason we watch the SB) you can just do a little shopping to pass the time 🙂

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day! xo

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