Christmas in Black and White

Whenever I think about Christmas, images of bright reds, greens, and golds immediately pop into my head. That’s because Christmas is usually done in these colors. It’s predictable and reassuring, and there is definitely something to be said for that. But there is something to be said for the simple elegance and unexpectedness of black and white decor as well. It’s always fascinating to me when you take things down to their most fundamental form. Like a shadow, the shape is an implied version of the thing itself, and it changes the way you see it. I feel like this is sort of how a black and white version of Christmas is, too. It’s clean, minimal, and thought provoking, and the contrast makes a big statement. Although my tree is loaded with bright, colorful balls this year, I definitely see a B&W Christmas at some point in my future.

Black and white may seem a little basic and almost dull in theory, however, these stunning Scandinavian designs prove that it is anything but.

Christmas in Black and White #blackandwhite #christmas #decor #minimal #scandinavian

House of Ideas

Black and White Christmas #blackandwhite #christmas #decor #minimal #scandinavian #design

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Look what I made


The Spruce




Apartment Therapy


The Crafted Sparrow




The Tomkat Studio

Black and White Christmas #blackandwhite #christmas #ornaments #minimal #design #decor #scandinavian



Taryn Whiteaker

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