Go Go Power Ranger Birthday Party…Pow Zap Boom!

Power Rangers 5th Birthday Party #kidsbirthdayparty #powerrangers #dinocharge #zap

I love that my son’s birthday falls right before Halloween, especially this year since we got double the use out of his costume. He has been obsessed with Power Rangers since the moment he laid eyes on those karate chopping, roundhouse kicking, over-acting, Mighty Morphin ninjas, so there was really only one option for his birthday party theme this year.

I took a sort of pop art approach to the theme, incorporating some fun comic book style “pow”s, “zap”s, and “booms”, etc. They were super easy to print and cut out. I used card stock, but I’m sure regular printer paper would have worked just fine. I then taped them to toothpicks to be used as cake toppers and table accessories. I also, to prove what a massive dork I am, made Energem necklaces as party favors with a magnetic attachment so the energems could be stolen from the evil Snide (or whatever monster villain that might be trying to take their power) and then easily reattached. They didn’t look exactly like the Energems on the show, but my kids were happy with them, and that was good enough for me. I also printed out some masks I found online, and a pop art Power Ranger print which I framed with black construction paper for wall decor. And I included some bunting and spiral balloons on the ceiling (not pictured), which I think added a cohesive feel to the overall decor. Hopefully my son’s 5th birthday was one that he will remember with fondness for the rest of his life…that is the point of all of this, right?

Power Ranger Birthday Party #powerrangers #birthdayparty #kidsparty #5thbirthdayparty #dinocharge








Power Rangers DIY cake topper party accessories

Pop art power ranger print #powerrangers #kidsbirthdayparty

Power Ranger Dino Charge #Energems

Thanks for reading. Have a beautiful day!

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