October Color of the Month: Autumn Yellow

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I am not the most consistent of bloggers, but I am slowly trying to inch my way back into it. I really enjoy blogging as a creative outlet, which I think is pretty important to have as a busy mom. One way I find inspiration is through color, so I am starting a color of the month post featuring a different color each month for design inspiration. The color this month just happens to be my favorite color: yellow! Yellow is such a cheerful color and reminds of the sun, and daisies, and well…happiness. Yellow is actually a fairly prominent color in October, though I feel it is often overshadowed by all of the oranges and reds that also present this month.  I wanted to make sure it got a some recognition as the lovely Autumn shade that is, and didn’t get left behind with all of the other joys of Summer. I hope you enjoy this little bit of color-spiration. Thanks for reading!

A GOLDEN STATE OF MIND #yellow #colorinspiration

From Up North

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Rodale’s Organic Life

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The Vivaluxury

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I’m Seeing Double Denim, what should I do?

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Denim on denim…it’s an elusive trend that can be very ‘hit or miss’, which probably scares a lot of people away from trying it at all. I have to say, I am a bit frightened of it myself and really wasn’t too crazy about this at first, but lately the double D trend has really started to grow on me. There’s something about it that feels a little bit ‘wrong’ to me still, like wearing sneakers with a dress (although that one is growing on me as well), but when it’s pulled off correctly I think it can have a super chic look and feel. Here is a collection of some of my favorite double denim looks:

Anthropologie Denim on Denim

Anthropologie – Levi’s Denim Trucker Jacket

@_jiezheng Instagram

@_jiezheng Instagram

Tumblr: Katemonteith Moodboard

Katemonteith Moodboard Tumblr

Scotch & Soda denim on denim

Manrepeller via Scotch & Soda

Phases of Robyn - double denim

Phases of Robyn – Casual Double Denim

Andycsinger – find pretty anywhere..

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