5 Wooden Toy Craftsman that are Amazing!

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In a world filled with wires and screens, I am feeling an increasing love (as I think many are) for all things raw, natural, and wholesome. I am always looking for toys that inspire creativity in my kids, because I want them to learn to think outside the box. That’s why I have put together a list of 5 wooden toys that lack battery packs and on/off switches because they run entirely on imagination.

#woodentoys cupcakesandwildponies

These adorable little creatures are from Myriad Natural Toys & Crafts, a family run business specializing in hand-crafted toys. The idea behind the simplicity of the toys they offer is to awaken the “creative impulse” within children at play.

I love these wooden swords #woodentoys - cupcakesandwildponies

My first thought when I saw these wooden swords was of Peter Pan and Captain Hook, dueling it out. I haven’t met a little boy yet who didn’t love to play sword fighting, and these little wooden ones from Friendly Fairies are about the cutest swords I’ve ever seen.

Wooden Semi Truck #woodentoys - cupcakesandwildponies

If woodworking is your jam and you are interested in making your own wooden toys, here is a great site that offers plans for making trucks like these. I can definitely see this being something that my husband and kids will be into when they are a little older.

wooden slingshots #woodentoys - cupcakesandwildponies

I remember being a kid and looking for the perfect stick to make a slingshot with. Of course, when I found the perfect stick I would wrap a rubber band around it and use an actual ROCK to lob at my siblings. That’s why I love these tiny slingshots with pom poms from Tweet Toys. They are way cuter and way less painful!

Take -G Woodwork #woodentoys - cupcakesandwildponeis

There is something so inspired about the simplicity of these futuristic toys hand crafted out of wood. Japanese craftsman Nakagawa Takeji or “Take-G” is a true artist that portrays the whimsy of childhood with a sophisticated attention to detail in each piece.

I love that there is a growing demand for toys more closely resembling nature.  I want to make sure my kids stay in touch with their imagination and nature as our world becomes more and more tech focused.

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