Wild ONE Party Theme


After three years of boy themed parties, I was mildly excited about throwing Adriana’s first Wild ONE Floral Garden themed birthday party. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all about some train cakes and monster balloons, but having a chance to go crazy with flowers is something I had only dreamed of before now. And let’s face it, you really only have about two years, tops, to have your own way with your kid’s birthday party, because they soon learn to talk and start dictating their own rule, and before you know it they will be begging you for a Darth Vader cake with Lego Ninja’s on top.


Since I could have my way with this one, I wanted to celebrate my Spring baby with lots of girly flowers, while keeping it relatively simple.



I came across some gorgeous and inspired woodland Fairy and Tribal Princess theme ideas while browsing Pinterest (you can check out some of my favorite Pinspirations here), but ultimately I decided to keep it super simple with just flowers.


I was very pleased with how it turned out. It felt so clean, spring-like and fresh. I used a mixture of silk and live flowers so the air was fragrant and the cleanup was fairly easy. The best part was that the focus was on the little star of the show, who obviously was not at all shy about digging into her cake.

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