Give me all the coffee!

“Everyone down stairs, NOW!” I blurt out, and then I close my eyes, letting out a slow sigh. ‘Did those words really just come out of my mouth? When did I become the adult demanding (or trying to maintain some resemblance of) order?’ I think to myself, as a storm of black fur and toddler flash by.You learn a lot about yourself when your husband goes away for training, leaving you with a two year old, a teething baby, a wild puppy, and a high maintenance salt water aquarium for 3 months. Now granted, the puppy was my own “blank” fault. I thought it would be a good idea to give Zander a distraction while his dad was away…clearly I did not think that one through.


This whole thing has given me a new appreciation for military wives and single moms. I can’t imagine doing this for 6 months at time, or longer! Though every day I feel like I sink further and further into a haze of utter exhaustion, I know that in just a few more weeks things will once again return to normal.

On the bright side, I’ve become a lot better at multitasking, and by multitasking I mean starting a million different projects and finishing exactly zero of them. I’ve also  picked up a few baby/toddler/life hacks through this journey to help me cope, like: putting the laundry in the crib with the baby while you fold it because she’s only happy when you are looking at her, and keeping a dog bowl and poop bag in the trunk with the stroller so you don’t have to make another trip inside the house because you constantly forget them.


And the MOST important one is wear them all out during the day so they are ready to go to sleep by 7:00 pm. The only problem with that last one is that wearing them out wears me out too, and then I’m ready for bed at 7:00, but hey, that’s what coffee is for.  And let’s just say the hubs had better be ready to make it up to me big time when he gets back by letting me sleep for about 4 days straight. Then maybe I’ll start to feel a little more human again.

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