Little Passing Moments

“Moon River” is one of my all time favorite songs. It moves me every time I hear it, and is one of the few songs that can make me feel sort of sad and yet inspired at the same time. I sing this song to Zander almost every night when I’m putting him to bed, and whenever he’s upset. I’m always amazed at how it calms him almost instantly. I hope that when he is grown and hears this song, that it will conjure up happy memories and a feeling of warmth and love.

moon river ||

It’s so easy (for me, anyway) to get caught up in the events of the day and getting this and that done, that I sometimes forget about what really matters. When Zander is grown, he probably won’t remember whether or not there were dirty dishes in the sink, or if I got all the laundry put away in a timely fashion, but he will remember the time I take to spend with him. The important stuff is in the little passing moments. Today I am creating the childhood that he will remember; I want it to be as beautiful as possible.

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