Top 3 Birthday Party favor ideas for toddlers

My son, Zander, is turning the big 2 next month and I have been thinking about ideas for his party. His birthday falls so close to Halloween that we have decided to have a combination Birthday/Halloween party this year. I don’t want the party theme to just be Halloween, so I’ve been playing with some different ways to decorate for both. This got me thinking about party favors. Since most of the other kids at the party will be around Zander’s age, I want the party favors to be something appropriate for little tots. After scouring the web all morning, I have narrowed it down to 3 great party favor ideas.

party favors | cupcakes and wildponies

1. Crayon and notepad party favors. This super cute idea and image comes from Under the Sycamore. I am thinking Halloween notebooks, or including some Halloween stickers inside?

Adopt a monster party favor | cupcakes and wild ponies

2. Adopt a Monster party favors. How adorable is this idea? Perfect for a Halloween/Birthday combo party! This image and monstrously clever ideas is from The Homes I Have Made.

Create your own Party favor| cupcakes and wild ponies

3. Create your own party favor goody bag. I love this! Instead of snacks like these, it would be fun to have the kids fill their own goody bags (or mini jack o lanterns) with an assortment of Halloween candies and cookies. This inspired idea and image is from 100 Layer Cake-let.

Now the difficult part of deciding which of these fabulous ideas to go with…any suggestions?

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