Fashion Loves Friday: Designer to Watch Edition

My designer to watch today is the designer for Berenik, a Swiss clothing label I happened upon by chance on the Pour Porter website. There is a strong architectural element to the collection, as it combines clean lines, unique proportions, and fascinating textures. The designer, Veronika Brusa, has an educational background in graphic design, which is quite apparent in the overall structure and aesthetic value of the line. Something else unique about this label, is the emphasis placed on the actual production of the line. After reading the about section of their website, I really felt like I could see the quality of their products, not only after they were finished, but in the production as well. I also felt like I could see their design perspective which is inspired by the human body, and through production itself. I predict that we will be seeing a lot more of the self taught designer, Veronika Brusa, and her label, Berenik, in the future. I am in love with the whole line, but most especially with the Lambfur Print pullover pictured below. Glad to know they have an online shop!

Berenik pullover | cupcakes and Wild Ponies

Lambfur Pullover – Image from Pour Porter

Berenik Pullover | Cupcakes and Wild Ponies

Image from Pour Porter


Image from Berenik

Veronika Brusa

Designer Veronika Brusa – Image from Berenik

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