Nuts for this packaging

I had never heard of this company before yesterday, when two adorable little packages showed up on our door step. My husband ordered some Spirulina (a cyanobacterium with loads of health benefits, to add to smoothies), and some Organic Amaranth (ancient grains, to add to…something?) from Their clever marketing won me over right away. I didn’t care what they were selling, I wanted to order something else from them just to get another super cute box in the mail. I was so impressed with how successfully they are branding and marketing their company that I just had to share. I was curious to know more, so I visited their website and read the inspiring story of how they got started. The company was started in 1929, by the current owner’s hardworking grandfather who was 22 at the time. You can read the whole story here. The grandson has now taken the company online, and has clearly done a killer job at it. What have they done so right? First of all, they have great packaging, which makes the customer (me) want  more; more product, more info about them,  etc. Secondly, they follow that curiosity up with a great story; a story that the customer can connect with on a personal level. Who wouldn’t want a company that’s been handed down through generations, and started on the brink of the Great Depression to succeed? This helps to ignite a sense of loyalty to the brand. And thirdly, they back all of this up with a great product. Now, I haven’t tried ALL of the Spirulina and Amaranth that’s out there, but in my experience, the Spirulina and Amaranth from is top notch. I plan to familiarize myself with a lot more of their products in the very near future. Those chocolate covered pretzels are calling my name! Cupcakes and Wild Ponies |


Cupcakes and Wild Ponies |

Cupcakes and Wild Ponies |


Cupcakes and Wild Ponies | chocolate covered pretzels


Pretzel image from


*All images are mine unless otherwise accredited

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