Tuesday Travels: Northern Virginia Vineyards top 5 picks

Happy September! I hope you had a lovely Labor Day! My husband, myself and our son spent the weekend with some fabulous friends at Smith Mountain Lake, VA. My in-laws have a lake house there, so we have a standing, bi-annual invitation for Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. It was the perfect getaway to conclude summer’s inevitable end. The mornings were lazy; sitting on the deck, sipping coffee, and watching the fishing boats go by. I had no cell phone reception there, which was a nice change of pace, being able to just disconnect from technology and connect more closely with nature. It was great talking and laughing with friends we hadn’t seen in far too long, over an al fresco dinner by the water. Like summer, I didn’t want it to end. But also like summer, I will cherish the memories all winter long, and will look forward to making new ones next year.

On our way home to DC, I saw a sign that read “Now entering Northern Virginia Wine Country”. I had no idea NoVa had a wine country, so I was very pleasantly surprised to read this. We passed a few vineyards on the trip home, and I decided to put together a list of the top 5 wineries I would like to visit in Northern VA. Here they are:


1. Boxwood Estate Winery offers 3 styles of red wine in the Bordeaux tradition, from 5 varieties of grapes. 


2. Fabioli Cellars. This winery is most intriguing to me for its environmentally sustainable agriculture. 


3. Potomac Point Winery is a love fest of good wines, gorgeous, Tuscan inspired atmosphere, and gourmet food from their on site bistro. 


4. Willowcroft Farm Vineyards sits on 15 acres of vineyard, with 12 varieties of grapes. 


5. Old House Vineyards, last but not least, this vineyard offers not only great Virginia wine, but fabulous scenery and a great story as well. 


*All vineyard images are from the corresponding vineyard websites. 

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