Little Passing Moments

“Moon River” is one of my all time favorite songs. It moves me every time I hear it, and is one of the few songs that can make me feel sort of sad and yet inspired at the same time. I sing this song to Zander almost every night when I’m putting him to bed, and whenever he’s upset. I’m always amazed at how it calms him almost instantly. I hope that when he is grown and hears this song, that it will conjure up happy memories and a feeling of warmth and love.

moon river ||

It’s so easy (for me, anyway) to get caught up in the events of the day and getting this and that done, that I sometimes forget about what really matters. When Zander is grown, he probably won’t remember whether or not there were dirty dishes in the sink, or if I got all the laundry put away in a timely fashion, but he will remember the time I take to spend with him. The important stuff is in the little passing moments. Today I am creating the childhood that he will remember; I want it to be as beautiful as possible.

Fashion Loves Friday: 3 great ways to wear the vintage tee edition

Happy Friday! I love seeing the different ways trendy folks mix their vintage tees into an outfit.

Here are 3 of my current faves:

vintage tee

1. First we have the “Dress it up” look, with a classy hounds tooth skirt and darling little boots from Anthology. This is a great transition look for going into Fall.

Vintage tee with shorts

2. Next we have the “easy breezy vintage tee with shorts and booties” look from Mia Maguire’s Lookbook. This style shirt is not easy to pull off, but when it’s done right it looks awesome.

Vintage tee and overalls

3. And lastly, the “vintage tee and overalls” look from Roxana Velaco’s Lookbook. Now, I think this outfit would be adorable with just the tee shirt and overalls, but adding the leather jacket and tennies brings this look to another level. This fashionably understated outfit would be perfect for running errands on a Saturday.

Top 3 Birthday Party favor ideas for toddlers

My son, Zander, is turning the big 2 next month and I have been thinking about ideas for his party. His birthday falls so close to Halloween that we have decided to have a combination Birthday/Halloween party this year. I don’t want the party theme to just be Halloween, so I’ve been playing with some different ways to decorate for both. This got me thinking about party favors. Since most of the other kids at the party will be around Zander’s age, I want the party favors to be something appropriate for little tots. After scouring the web all morning, I have narrowed it down to 3 great party favor ideas.

party favors | cupcakes and wildponies

1. Crayon and notepad party favors. This super cute idea and image comes from Under the Sycamore. I am thinking Halloween notebooks, or including some Halloween stickers inside?

Adopt a monster party favor | cupcakes and wild ponies

2. Adopt a Monster party favors. How adorable is this idea? Perfect for a Halloween/Birthday combo party! This image and monstrously clever ideas is from The Homes I Have Made.

Create your own Party favor| cupcakes and wild ponies

3. Create your own party favor goody bag. I love this! Instead of snacks like these, it would be fun to have the kids fill their own goody bags (or mini jack o lanterns) with an assortment of Halloween candies and cookies. This inspired idea and image is from 100 Layer Cake-let.

Now the difficult part of deciding which of these fabulous ideas to go with…any suggestions?

Happy Arrow Pattern for the desktop background.. or printable wrapping paper

Here is a fun little arrow pattern that makes a great computer desktop background if you’re looking to jazz your’s up a bit…

Coral Arrow Pattern  ||

OR you can print it and use it as wrapping paper for a small gift. I am using it to wrap up a gift for my sister’s birthday.

Printable gift wrap

I printed two sheets of the arrow patterned paper, and used a birchbox, but any small gift box would work.

Printable gift wrapprintable gift wrap ||

I made sure all of the edges were taped securely.

Printable Gift wrap ||

And viola!

printable gift wrap ||

Here is the white background version:

Coral Arrow Pattern

And here is a slightly different version with a coral background:

Coral Arrow Pattern ||

*All Images are taken by me unless otherwise accredited

Fashion Loves Friday: Designer to Watch Edition

My designer to watch today is the designer for Berenik, a Swiss clothing label I happened upon by chance on the Pour Porter website. There is a strong architectural element to the collection, as it combines clean lines, unique proportions, and fascinating textures. The designer, Veronika Brusa, has an educational background in graphic design, which is quite apparent in the overall structure and aesthetic value of the line. Something else unique about this label, is the emphasis placed on the actual production of the line. After reading the about section of their website, I really felt like I could see the quality of their products, not only after they were finished, but in the production as well. I also felt like I could see their design perspective which is inspired by the human body, and through production itself. I predict that we will be seeing a lot more of the self taught designer, Veronika Brusa, and her label, Berenik, in the future. I am in love with the whole line, but most especially with the Lambfur Print pullover pictured below. Glad to know they have an online shop!

Berenik pullover | cupcakes and Wild Ponies

Lambfur Pullover – Image from Pour Porter

Berenik Pullover | Cupcakes and Wild Ponies

Image from Pour Porter


Image from Berenik

Veronika Brusa

Designer Veronika Brusa – Image from Berenik

Nuts for this packaging

I had never heard of this company before yesterday, when two adorable little packages showed up on our door step. My husband ordered some Spirulina (a cyanobacterium with loads of health benefits, to add to smoothies), and some Organic Amaranth (ancient grains, to add to…something?) from Their clever marketing won me over right away. I didn’t care what they were selling, I wanted to order something else from them just to get another super cute box in the mail. I was so impressed with how successfully they are branding and marketing their company that I just had to share. I was curious to know more, so I visited their website and read the inspiring story of how they got started. The company was started in 1929, by the current owner’s hardworking grandfather who was 22 at the time. You can read the whole story here. The grandson has now taken the company online, and has clearly done a killer job at it. What have they done so right? First of all, they have great packaging, which makes the customer (me) want  more; more product, more info about them,  etc. Secondly, they follow that curiosity up with a great story; a story that the customer can connect with on a personal level. Who wouldn’t want a company that’s been handed down through generations, and started on the brink of the Great Depression to succeed? This helps to ignite a sense of loyalty to the brand. And thirdly, they back all of this up with a great product. Now, I haven’t tried ALL of the Spirulina and Amaranth that’s out there, but in my experience, the Spirulina and Amaranth from is top notch. I plan to familiarize myself with a lot more of their products in the very near future. Those chocolate covered pretzels are calling my name! Cupcakes and Wild Ponies |


Cupcakes and Wild Ponies |

Cupcakes and Wild Ponies |


Cupcakes and Wild Ponies | chocolate covered pretzels


Pretzel image from


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DIY Dinosaur Toothbrush Holder

Today I am going to talk about how to take a dangerous toy and turn it into something useful. A few months ago I got my son, Zander, a toy dinosaur with a long, very pointy, tail; a great toy for a boy, but not so great for a still-learning-to-balance 18 month old. This dinosaur earned the appropriate nickname “Dangerous Dino” and Z was only allowed to play with it under strict parental supervision (which I guess was anytime he wanted since he is always being supervised, but that’s beside the point). For my own nerve’s sake, I decided to turn Dangerous Dino into something a little more useful and appropriate for a wee one. So yesterday morning I picked up a can of Vaslpar metallic paint from Lowes, and started the amazingly easy, DIY dinosaur transformation.


Cupcakes and Wild Ponies | DIY Dinosaur

All I needed for this Saturday morning project was:

  1. A cheap dinosaur toy
  2. A can of Valspar Metallic paint
  3. Some news paper or a paper bag

Cupcakes and Wild Ponies | DIY Dinosaur

You definitely want to paint outside if possible because the fumes are pretty strong.

Cupcakes and Wild Ponies | DIY Dinosaur

Cupcakes and Wild Ponies | DIY Dinosaur

And voila, Dangerous Dino is now a useful, shiny, toothbrush holder. The transformation is complete.   

Fashion Loves Friday: Boot Season Edition

Almost everyone knows the general fashion rules about when and when not to wear white, but what about boots? I wanted to know this for myself, so I did a little research. Not that I’m in any hurry to pack away my sandals just yet, but as the days begin to get cooler, I want to make sure I’m not being totally un-cool by warming up my feet in some cushy boots. I read numerous forums and blogs on the subject and this is what I concluded as a general guide.  The time frame for when it is acceptable to start wearing boots is subject to 2 main factors: climate and personal style.

 If you live in, say, Vancouver, where early September days can see temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s,  then donning a pair of light weight boots in late summer is perfectly fine, as long as they’re not too heavy (nothing fur-lined). If you live in Florida, on the other hand, you may not want to drag your knee-high, suede, Cole Haan’s out of storage till sometime in November.  The first official day of Fall is a good rule of thumb for everyone in between, which usually takes place in late September. All of this depends, of course, on our own personal style. Fashion rules are made to be broken (if they can be broken successfully). When I was in college I would wear boots with shorts all the time; partly because they were comfortable, and partly because I fancied myself a trendsetter. I probably wouldn’t wear that now, but if you can pull it off, I say go for it!  

Cupcakes and Wild Ponies|boots

Image from: Free People

Cupcakes and Wild Ponies|boots

Image from: Liz Marie Blog