Fashion Loves Friday: Weekend Getaway Essentials

As I am packing for my own lakeside Labor Day weekend getaway, I was inspired to write about some Labor Day weekend packing essentials in today’s blog. Here are some “must haves” for what I consider one of the last weekends of summer. Whether you are going lakeside, beach side, mountain side, or grill side, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared with these essential fashion loves. Happy weekend!


1.Alterbrooklyn striped shirt 2.H&M denim jacket 3.TopShop Yellow Maxi 4.Rag & Bone shorts 5. TopShop High waisted bikini 6.TopShop Kimono 7.Cara Salimando Ancor Tote 8.Steve Madden Gladiator Sandals

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Image from Hello Lovely Studio


The Triangle Obsession Continues

My obsession with triangles has spilled over onto the curtains in my son’s room, and inked its way onto a canvas tote as well. I made a triangle stencil by cutting a triangle shape out of a paper plate. I then colored in the triangle shapes with a fabric pen. A stamp would probably have been easier, but I was too impatient to wait for it to ship to me. If you are interested in trying this technique, and want to go the stamp route, you can find some great triangle stamps here

canvas triangle tote


 triangle tote

triangle curtains

kids room triangle curtains


Where will my triangle obsession take me next?  I’m thinking triangle finger nails…



Nail art image from pshiiit,com



Ombre Palm Backgrounds

I’ve been working on different patterns for my portfolio, and really like the way these ombre palms turned out, so I’ve decided to share them with you. They make great desktop backgrounds! I am using the pink one on mine.


palms blue

palms yellow

Fashion Loves Friday – Patterns and Prints Edition

Midi’s, A-lines, slouchy shirts, and bold prints… definitely bold prints, are on the fashion horizon for fall/2014. Some of these looks I absolutely adore, while others I think might take a bit of convincing. I tend to gravitate more towards the fitted, preppy looks in general, but I will probably take some of these “on trend” elements and make them my own this fall.  I will definitely be adding some patterns and prints to my wardrobe. I love the way Vogue has mixed prints together in their spread, inspiring ways to keep work day attire fun and flirty, yet maintaining a conservative business-like feel at the same time.

Photo from

Photo from: Vogue

Photo from: Vogue

Photo from: Vogue

Loius Vuitton Fall/2014 RTW- photo

Chanel Fall/2014 RTW – photo from: Chanel

Navajo morning mist – Mood board inspiration

My toddler alarm clock went off at 4:30 this morning. I’m getting used to waking up so early these days, since little man wakes up around this time almost every day. I don’t mind it so much as long as it’s consistent. The best part about waking this early is getting to watch the sun come up. Today was born into a thick mist that hung heavy over the trees. I love mornings like these; the kind of morning that makes you want to wrap yourself in a Navajo patterned blanket, curl up with a second cup of coffee and read a good book, or wander aimlessly through a sheep farm in Scotland. Of course, like everything in life, the mist will not last. The sun will soon come out and burn off all the delicious, blanketing fog. So, in an attempt to capture this misty morning feeling, I’ve created a mood board to keep the foggy spirit going all day.

buffalo pattern

mountain scape

navajo blankets

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*All images are taken by me unless otherwise accredited. 


Last Saturday night my husband and I went out for a much needed “date night” while our little man spent the evening with his grandparents. We were taking a stroll by the Occoquan River after dinner when I noticed a small pile of sparkle confetti in the middle of the footbridge. It took me by surprise and I had to stop and take a picture of it. My husband rolled his eyes at me (I’m always stopping to take pictures of random things).  I have been trying to live more intentionally lately, with my eyes open to my surroundings and the beauty in even the smallest moments. This reminded me that if we pay attention, magic can be found, sometimes in the most unexpected places.